The recent government shut-down reveals our elected officials consider non-citizens in this country a higher priority than American citizens and American military.   Since when do non-citizens who do not have rights in this country take priority over citizens?

The two major issues stalling our government’s operations:  Border Security and Immigration, especially Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

The following comments are the opinion of the author.

It is obvious that many people in this country do not know how immigration has worked in the USA for many years.  In short, immigration was open to anyone who applied for admittance to the USA as long as they did not have mental issues, were not criminals, and had a talent that would be useful to the USA.  So many people immigrated to the USA in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that immigration was halted temporarily in 1924 to allow this huge number of people to assimilate into the USA society.  (That isn’t happening now).

Open borders, especially the southern border, allow anyone into the country, including terrorists.  We absolutely cannot continue to allow an open border and continue to put our citizens at risk.  (By the way, fundamental Islam has been trying to establish a global caliphate for hundreds of years.  We are just more aware of their efforts primarily because of instantaneous communications and social media).



  1. Deport immediately those persons here illegally who have committed serious crimes
  2. Deport those persons here illegally who do not work and have falsified their identities in order to participate in welfare benefits
  3. For those persons who are here illegally but who work and pay taxes on their income, consider amnesty on a case-by-case basis requiring them to meet the requirements to become citizens and pay some sort of penalty for illegal entry into the USA; no welfare recipients.  DACA participants would be a part of this group as long as they meet criteria for immigration and have a talent of use to this country.
  4. Hold those officials who knowingly break Federal laws on immigration accountable for crimes committed by illegal aliens, especially those crimes of murder.  (This is primarily aimed at sanctuary cities).

Border Security: Build a physical barrier where indicated and use technology for monitoring of the entire border, especially the southern border.

Increase the number of Border Patrol agents in order to efficiently cover the entire border.

Above all, contact your elected legislators daily by telephone, email, and snail mail to let them know you are not going to put them back into office if they keep talking and not acting for the American citizens for whom they are supposed to be working.  With the technology we have today, town halls with question and answer sessions can easily be established and should be held regularly.


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